Our story

What We've Created

Lite Run helps people regain their ability to stand and walk following an injury or disability, such as a stroke. The patented Lite Run system was designed to restore mobility and wellbeing quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

In the midst of a prolific cardiac medical system development career, John Hauck first turned his attention to developing a system that would help him keep running as he struggled with knee pain. He connected with Doug Johnson, another recreational runner and inventor, and the two began to collaborate on a system for walking disability. After some false starts, they invented a new way to take body weight off using air pressure in a special pair of pants. Machine designer Mark Johnson joined the effort and they built a system with mechanical and pneumatic controls to run in the pants on a treadmill. “I was delighted when I found that I could run for an hour at up to half of my body weight!” Hauck recalls.

It was clear that this system would help more than recreational runners. The three Lite Run founders began collaborating with Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and North Memorial Hospital to build a prototype walker version for gait therapy. The therapists liked it so much that they volunteered their time to help test it. “The prototype proved so compelling that we just had to step up our efforts and develop a product,” Hauck says.